A Little Work in Progress

I've been busy with a lot of different projects and haven't posted much for a while now, so I thought I would just put a few WIPs up. Enjoy!

Tiny drawings :)

Tiny drawings :)

So. Many. Islands. Canada is pretty amazing! 

So. Many. Islands. Canada is pretty amazing! 

Store is back up and running!

Yay! Things can be purchased once again! I've been super busy these past few weeks getting my stock back up so I can re-open my store. *phew!* 

As of now I have a bunch of giclèe prints, a newly updated Land of the Silver Birch comic, and a few screenprinted items ready to go. I'll be adding more things as they are completed over the next while.

Lots of work, but things are coming along nicely. I have a few surprise items coming along over the next few weeks too, so stay tuned! Hint: they're wearables!! 

Summer Update (from the forest)

My crew working hard.

My crew working hard.

Things have been quiet around here for the last few months as I have retreated into the woods on my yearly quest for financial security. The glamorous life of treeplanting is a strange one for sure. For two to three months of the year I venture out into the northern forests of BC to plant thousands of little trees every day. I battle with bugs beyond the average person's comprehension, heat, exhaustion, debauchery, selfishness, foolishness, and a large dose of physical and mental pain. 

Through all this, a real rawness emerges that is unlike anything that can be found in everyday life. While planting, I see people's true nature. Who they are at their core. I get to see who I am at my core. Then I have all the time in the world to think about this and decide if I like it or not. When a person is completely exhausted, hungry, homesick and hung over and they still manage to put another person's needs before their own or make some gesture of kindness, I gain a real respect for that person. Treeplanting tends to put in place all the conditions needed to make anyone incredibly selfish and hard. And often, that's exactly what people are like out here, and I don't blame them...honestly, sometimes I catch myself being that too. But I really believe that it's when we choose to be at our best during the most difficult of situations, that we grow the most. Out here I see people put aside selfishness and exhaustion and help someone else when they don't need to and it makes me want to be more like that.

That's me being badass with a helicopter earlier this spring!

That's me being badass with a helicopter earlier this spring!

The time I spend away form my "real life" while I plant is a time I use to recharge my ambitions, reevaluate who I am, and reevaluate my goals for the upcoming year. I don't have the opportunity while planting to make any art, but I do use this time to develop who I am personally and focus my mind for the work I want to do over the next few months. I get to see human nature at its core and am constantly surrounded by so much natural beauty that it sometimes takes my breath away. So much inspiration comes out of these months every summer!

 David and I last summer after a day of work

 David and I last summer after a day of work

Treeplanting is certainly not for everyone. In fact, its probably not really for many, but I love it and I love the person and the artist it's helped me become. I'm looking forward to this coming year and the projects that I have floating around in my brain that are just waiting to be put down on paper and to share these with you all! 

Part One of wiTHIN is Finished!

It's been a long journey to get this first part of wiTHIN done, but it's happened! It's back from the printers, looks amazing, and it can be purchased from our shiny new store here

We also have t-shirts and a bunch of other stuff there too for you to check out. Head on over and grab your own copy of our labour of love. Karen and I are so excited to share this story with everyone and we really hope it's a story that helps to break the stigma surrounding mental health issues and provides insight into what it's like to live with an eating disorder. 

Thanks for your support!

wiTHIN goes to the printers

wiThin part one is ready to go and has been sent off to the printers! Guys! So exciting! Soon you'll be able to lovingly flip through the pages of your very own copy. Soon. We should be getting the books back by the beginning of next week and then we can start shipping the first copies out to our Kickstarter backers and posting the link to our online store where you can purchase a copy if you weren't a part of our Kickstarter project. Or, in case you just love it so much you need a spare for emergencies. Below is the cover I've designed for you to have a look at for now, whilst you wait. 



For those of you who don't know what a treeplanter is, well, its a warrior who goes out into the forest and replants where logging companies have cut down trees to make the lovely coffee table you have your feet up on right now. A treeplanter will work around ten hours a day outside planting thousands of seedlings each day. Treeplanting is piece work and if you're fast and hardworking, it's a great way to pay for art school! Here's a detail of a drawing I did last November for Brinkman Group about the whirlwind that is a season of planting. This was a really fun piece to do and you can see the full drawing on my "Illustrations" page. 



Hey all! Just doing a little drawing to test out some new supplies I got over the holidays. Was feeling cozy, so I drew a knitting inspired composition.

...I'm a terrible knitter.


wiTHIN update

wiTHIN seems to be catching people's attention over the last few months. Between our successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to publish it this spring, and the various interviews and reviews, Karen and I have been very fortunate to have so much support already even before the book is finished.

If you've been following our journey at all, you'll know that chapter one is already done, but the rest of part one is slowly being chipped away at by me in my studio. I'm really looking forward to sharing this honest and important look into the life of someone struggling with a life with an eating disorder!

The good news is that we've been accepted as exhibitors at both TCAF and VanCAF this coming spring of 2014 and the even better news is that part one of wiTHIN will be hot off the press at that point. Things are going according to schedule and everyone's continued support has really meant a lot to both Karen and myself. We're working hard to get this project in your hands! Thanks for all your continued support and generosity.